Hotel Regeneration — Hybrid Restaurant designed by Simone Micheli

5 min readMay 16, 2022

Event meeting organized by reFRAME on June 9th ’22 in collaboration with companies and professionals in the contract-design sector on the occasion of the Milan Design Week and the Exhibition Event.

Hybrid Restaurant & Hotel re generation” (seventh edition)
- designed by Simone Micheli.

Bringing a content Event to the Milan Design Week is an increasingly complex task, especially in the choice of content of value and interest to operators. In full compliance with its imperative — CONTENT IS KING — this year reFRAME proposes the theme — Contract.

That is, by definition, the “large turnkey projects”, i.e. the supply, on direct commission or tender, of an articulated set of products and systems designed ad-hoc or customized and the related necessary services. Respecting the time limits and all the constraints established by the contract between the client and the supplying companies.

A broad and complex theme, selected not because we are looking for extreme novelties to be presented at the trade fair, nor to create amazement or for “captatio benevolentia” of those most involved in the sector. Rather, it is a reflection on which segment will have greater weight in the context of economic recovery and its circular regeneration in view of sustainability and resilience — an expression of the assets envisaged by the PNRR. The choice could only fall on this broad and complex context of supplies, procurement, logistics, infrastructure and real estate. The popular vocation of reFRAME has generated a meeting of comparison between players — companies/brands — and professionals in the world of design, innovation and creativity.

reF-CONTRACT22 therefore wants to be a meeting place where everyone can share experiences and “cases” of success but also negative experiences perhaps brilliantly resolved. Innovative products, proposals and services of new conception presented and proposed by the voice of the people who work every day in this field and that it will be possible to meet and know directly “live”. A term that risked falling into disuse but in which reFRAME still believes and believes a great deal, demonstrating this by wanting to expand the opportunities for networking and exchange between companies. In fact, it is significant that reF-CONTRACT22 is inserted within the Hybrid Restaurant 2022 event, organized by architect Simone Micheli. A fluid overall project, not encumbered by the protocols of classic meetings but immersed in an informal and convivial atmosphere, in which to feel at ease with all the participating partners (over 80 companies) and invited guests. The atmosphere of a large reception site — the Hybrid Restaurant by Simone Micheli -, ready to welcome guests and visitors in Lambrate Ventura.

Among the most innovative participants, the Tuscan company Superevo — which since 2012 has been producing revolutionary materials and structures for upholstered furniture, following a complete processing approach from the design and structural realization to the padding and eventual white covering, according to the customer’s requests and needs. The Milanese studio UPA Italia — whose design philosophy is to create architectural masterpieces that never go out of fashion through three main cornerstones: a passion for architecture, the expertise provided by over 20 years of international experience and the diversity concretely expressed by a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach to projects. The Turin brand Rezina — since 1980 in the field of finishes that justifies its growth from the deep experience gained in the realization of housing, on multiple supports and with a wide variety of finishes that has allowed it to obtain a product with high characteristics and extreme ease of use. And then students from the faculty of design, communication. Corradi is an important company based in Bologna, Italy — a manufacturer of garden pergola models, outdoor covers and self-supporting outdoor structures.

Solutions that combine innovation, design and emotion. The Digital Agency M2Consultancy of Milan — that studies business models for important brands working on small data elaborating new models and digital products. The company now based in Bergamo, MCM Ventilazione — with over forty years of experience in the ventilation sector that in 2020 has submitted to the mapping of the products of the air sanitation line according to the international standards of sustainability LEED V4.1, WELL and WELL Health and Safety.LEED certifications. Stoll Italia of Carpi — an international leader in the production of innovative straight knitting machines — has been part of the Karl Mayer Group since July 2020. It not only works in the fashion industry but also offers services and consultancy to companies in sectors as diverse as interior design, lighting, sports and auto motive, thanks to its propensity for research & development of innovative and tailor-made solutions. The Snowhite brand of Varese responds to all needs of professional and domestic preservation of beverages and ranges from Minibars to Wine Cellars, passing through mini IceMakers thanks to the historical acquisition of a Whirpool production line and its know-how. Today it offers the market attention to detail, attractive design and careful choice of materials. And like them, several other players in the sector. The reF-CONTRACT22 event aims to highlight a multifaceted cross-section representative of companies that consider the process of — contract — as a path to be achieved in terms of inter-disciplinary and multi-skills able to integrate and coordinate at the same time at the service of the success of the “commitment”. This wants to be the first edition in conjunction with the Design Week, the premises are excellent and full of participants with many topical issues — We expect you.

TO PARTICIPATE — you can register as a guest listener to the email indicating the string #refrcontract22guest.

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