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Co-founder Architectural Hero

I imagine unique projects from highly distinctive features and with a profile of excellence, in order to offer experiences to human beings that are impossible to repeat elsewhere. Truly works of art to live take shape by the combination of my lived, my design concept and the requests of enlightened clients. Worldwide.

I am a man who does not like immobility and stasis, but the dynamic movement. Citizen of the universe, I travel without stopping, because I think that the match between different people and cultures can generate the indispensable ferment that determines the creation of an artwork. The perfect combination between dream and concreteness. Harmonic but dissonant union between form and function, able to give shape to a synthesis of concepts that, as the German philosopher Hegel described, goes beyond the addition of elements and becomes “something else”. Bubble sui generis out of the traditional space-time that generates wonder, amazement, attraction and wins the commercial and contemporary challenges.

YOU.ME Design Place Hotel , Trieste italy © Ph. Jürgen Eheim

I started my activity as a planner in 1990.
The interactive reality that I founded at the beginning of the 2000s, Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, with my wife Roberta, CEO, today has offices in Florence, Milan, Dubai, Rabat and Busan. The projects that we create include master plans over large areas, architecture, interior, product and visual design up to communication. We take care of each work in every detail with the intention of creating a cohesive project. An unicum that can attract the attention of the viewer and become the attractive pole of the context where is located. Planning means, for me, acting at 360 degrees, qualifying, in each stretch, the real estate landscape from the content-related and lexical point of view. “Turn into simplicity the complexity of the contemporary” is the fil rouge that animates my design since the beginning to understand the complex structures of the truth, the plots that weave the present and translate them in manifest principles, solid elements that compose the reality capturing the essence of the things, in that way each work touches the strings that move the human soul, make it alive, true, able to feel emotions; to offer the possibility of seeing pieces of future over the grey blanket which clouds the everyday life. It is art, beauty, passion, ecstasy, wonder, extraordinariness and sustainability. It is a contact with the elsewhere. The shape that makes free the content, the matter that shapes the appearance. The creation of an organic unicum that involves man is the ultimate aim of each of my projects. Because «The simplicity is the biggest sophistication», as Leonardo da Vinci said, man of a universal talent, one of the most illustrious geniuses that humanity has ever had.

Tower Shangai, multifuntional building — China. Works in progress

Planning becomes a revolutionary act. An action modality that puts the human being at the centre and points to subvert the traditional conceptions of space and reality to create new worlds. The word derives from the Latin projectum and it means throwing forward. Building in order to arrive to the future, imagining comfortable roads to reach it. To make the existences more comfortable, more beautiful and easier. More respectful and responsible of the environment where we live every day.

In this sense, the residential and commercial spaces, the guesthouses as well as the wellness and spa areas that I create, aim to redefine the concept of quality of the surfaces, places and spaces itself. The real luxury is not given by monumental shapes or complex technologies and expensive materials, it is not opulence anymore. But it is given by the profuse care of the detail, the organization and the generation of an individual experience that allows those who live it to appropriate themselves of a part of its time. The new luxury is the possibility to choose every day and every moment where to live, and the possibility to constantly reinvent its own space. In architecture, the new luxury is linked to the basic will of reform the tiny beauties and truth of the everyday life, the intimacy of the sensations. It is more linked to empty rather than full, it is more mental rather than physical, it is transparency. Today luxury is a new relationship between space, man and time.

It’s because in the contemporary society time became one of the most precious good. My goal is, in fact, to make better the quality of life of human beings, everyone. With and in their diversity of demonstration and essence. I wish giving shape to architectural inclusive works, that consider, not only the wellness of the customers, but also the effects over the rest of the world and over the next generations. The challenge for the future is to continue to increase our planning, content-related, moral, spiritual and technical-scientific abilities, creating “things and houses” that will become memory and will be able to to transform into manifests of sustainability.

Lords Of Verona luxury apartments, Verona Italy © Ph. Jürgen Eheim

The declared ambition for the next future is, then, to continue to generate architectures of better quality and efficiency for the wellbeing not only of the occupants, but also in general. Talking about sustainability it means, in fact, not only holding in high esteem the attention for the environment around us, reduce the waste of resources, promote the research in order to have efficient materials and functions. But also holding in esteem the content-related, intellective and economic sustainability so that every new project would be a won challenge for every actors that participate to its realization.

The good one planner has precious tools in his hand to model the world around and take, know and comprehend the reality. Colorful and super efficient lens through which it is possibile to perceive what is outside of us. As track, sign, manifest of the capacity of the human “know-how”. Symbol of ages that are evolving. Avant-garde, technology and tension, towards a pure but determined ideal of beauty, blend together in a lovely and deep way, giving birth to artifacts that show up like a harmonic union, flow, taking shape.

Works that arise from the courage of breaking with the harmony formed by the intuition, the inspiration. Highly distinctive and characterized so that can be defined works of art that the user can live. Of which make experience and wonder. To cross and explore with mind and body. In order to progress, discover and travel.

The separation line between virtual and real is always thinner. The journey and the knowledge have found new ways to perform and exist. What is the world around us if not the perception and the knowledge that we have about it? Technology is a way human beings gave shape to implement the existences, make them always more satisfying, comfortable and responsible. We are in the moment where we have the opportunity to build innovative worlds, based on our wishes, where what we imagine can comes true. Parallel universes through which to become other, to live experiences, to explore the vaste landscape of knowledges that the mind offers to us. Like the metaverse, an other and virtual reality, connection of 3D worlds.

Villa Dubai, Dubai.
Works in progress

New dimensions to find out that fascinate me, charging me of energy and stimulations. New worlds to realize with hybrid and contaminated rules. We all have, in our hands, the opportunity to forge a new reality. What is important is to acquire the consciousness of the step we are taking, don’t stop dreaming to imagine better existences, don’t forget that if we are in this world is because we have responsibilities and emotions are a distinctive tract of humanity.

Because of this I imagine spaces able to convey sensations, passions and feelings. To rebuild the disintegrated sensoriality of human beings and overturn perspectives. It is necessary to take risks, it’s important know history, tradition and technique in order to innovate, find the courage of being always a step ahead of the routine. Bypassing the supremacy of the eye, I investigate the deep needs of the human being and I satisfy them. I prefer a multisensory approach to the work to let the user to become the main character of a scene built just for him. The main actor of a wisely orchestrated play to surprise and give pills of wisdom to the spectators. Shapes, colors, surfaces, sounds, essences and tastes should be explore over their immediate effect. That’s because what it matters are the changes in society and the needs of contemporary man. If, on one side, the use of the most recent technologies, as the attention and the care of the architectural detail could suggest an exclusive type of architecture, on the other side my own design implicates a strong ideal charge that tend to an immersive renovation of the society.

Founder Simone Micheli Architect

These are the basis that animates my doing, the basis of the thought system that distinguishes each work I create, making these the manifests of uniqueness, distinctiveness, character and clearly recognizable. Because these are the expression of my tract, my style, a philosophy that who wishes, chooses for its peculiarities. «I don’t have competitors», I replied few days ago to a journalist during an interview for an American magazine. «Because who calls me, chooses not only an architect but also an author who wants to offer to human beings unique experiences, hard to find somewhere else». Because drawing the future it means let space to freedom of movement and thought. Imaging worlds where physic is just one of the component that the mind will be able to bypassing, finding complementary and connected perspectives. Gaining the ability to intersect the existences between universe and metaverse.

Simone Micheli
Architectural Hero

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