Some training on the use of blockchains and NFTs

1 min readMay 16, 2022

To all new subscribers to our Telegram channel (new channel) and Medium, as a gift, the NFT of the startup reFRAME with logo and qr code.

Please click on the Academy reFRAME and enter for free via LinkedIn to learn how to open your Polygon wallet and deposit your NFT on Opensea: (mini tutorial in Italian language)

Once you have opened your free wallet enter telegram by clicking and registering on:

and send your Polygon (Matic) address and Medium.Com registration email to reFRAME Staff.
The NFT will be sent to you within one week.

reFRAME is not responsible for sending NFTs to wrong Polygon addresses which will be lost forever.
So carefully review the Academy reFRAME tutorial before submitting your Polygon address. Thank you.

The NFTs will be sent in order of registration and sending of wallet address until availability is exhausted.

Welcome to reFRAME!




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